DATE / TIME 06/25/2017 5:00

Southern City Band

The Southern City Band is a group of musicians from various locations around the United States: California to Virginia and everywhere in between. Though every member comes from a different background, they have found common ground in their love for country music. They formed the band in early September of 2013, and set out to make beautiful music together while having a blast doing it.

SCB began their musical ventures by building a fan base through YouTube, Facebook, and other forms of social media. They have used these sites to promote several cover videos of their favorite country tunes. This success has encouraged the band to begin the process of writing and recording some of their own original music.

The Southern City band is in a unique position being one of the few country bands in Boston, and they are using this as leverage to gain a corner on this untapped market. The sky is the limit for this group of young, talented, musicians here in Boston, and we hope to see them soaring through the country music charts in the following months.